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E-Textiles 2019, 12.11.2019, London (UK)

E-Textiles 2019, 12.11.2019, London (UK)
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E-Textiles 2019 – International Conference,
12. November 2019, University of Southampton,
London (UK)

The E-Textiles Network is excited to announce its first conference E-Textiles 2019. E-Textiles 2019: International Conference on the Challenges, Opportunities, Innovations and Applications in Electronic Textiles will give people from academia and industry the opportunity to discuss the exciting innovations and challenges in the rapidly emerging field of e-textiles

Registration now open: Early bird registration is available between now and 22nd September and E-Textiles Network members can also get discounted entry. To register please visit

Confirmed speakers for E-Textiles 2019 include:

  • Christian Dalsgaard – Ohmatex
  • Mark Catchpole – Conductive Transfers
  • Prof. John Wilson – Power Textiles
  • Dr Anura Fernando – University of Manchester
  • Prof. Henry Yi Li – University of Manchester
  • Malte Von Krshiwoblozki – Fraunhofer IZM

About E-Textiles Network:

The E-Textiles Network was founded in August 2018 to accelerate the development and adoption of e-textiles technology by facilitating focused research activities and disseminating results.

The Network will bring members together to:

  • Identify the application challenges in key application sectors.
  • Define research challenges.
  • Facilitate collaboration to enable industrial pull.
  • Identify and attract new research disciplines that can be applied to e-textiles.
  • Aid dissemination of research results and broadly promote the technology.
  • The Network will hold three themed workshops and annual conferences, which will be open to members, as well as publishing monthly newsletters and case studies. Members also have the chance to share resources with the community (Please see the Resources page for more information.)



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