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Internationale Vernetzung der Branchen Kunststoff, Textil & Mechatronik

ecoplus, Niederösterreichs Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH, hat die Initiative PlasTexTron® ins Leben gerufen. Zwischen rund 1.000 Unternehmen in den Branchen Kunststoff, Textil und Mechatronik werden Kontakte geknüpft, um Kooperationen zu lancieren und gemeinsam neue Ideen umzusetzen. Durch Bündelung der vorhandenen Kompetenzen werden Innovationspotenziale gefunden und umgesetzt.

Kooperationen von Unternehmen in der Textil-
gruppe, auch mit Forschungseinrichtungen,
können jederzeit starten.



 TIP unterstützt Innovations-
 projekte niederösterreichischer
 Unternehmen mit Infos, 
 geförderten Beratungen & 
 spezifischen Serviceleistungen.
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 2BFunTex fungiert als  
 europäisches Netzwerk für
 funktionelle Textilien.
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Ziel der Textilgruppe ist, Zusammenarbeit zwischen Textilunternehmen, aber auch Branchen übergreifend mit Kunststoff- und Mechatronik-Unternehmen, zu initiieren und dabei Innovationen umzusetzen.
Dazu wird ein eigenes ecoplus-Textilteam für die Unterstützung der Unternehmen installiert.


Neue Partner kennenlernen, Vertrauen aufbauen Finden von Kooperationsthemen und Produktbereichen, die Mehrwert erzeugen und Markt-anforderungen gerecht werden Kooperationen zwischen Unternehmen und
Forschungseinrichtungen über Branchen- und Landesgrenzen hinweg
Raum für Innovationen und Profit wird geschaffen


IPC E-Textiles 2019 – calls for abstracts

IPC E-Textiles 2019 calls for abstracts
due by 10th April 2019!

Conference: 11 September, Philadelphia, PA (US)

IPC invites innovators, technologists, materials suppliers, electrical engineers and academicians to submit technical conference abstracts and educational course proposals for IPC E-Textiles 2019 to be held on 11 September in Philadelphia, PA.

The second IPC conference for the e-textiles industry, IPC E-Textiles 2019 will provide a platform for presenters and their companies to promote their expertise in e-textiles to key electrical engineers, consumer product developers and fashion designers, health and medical suppliers, and managers from automotive and military/aerospace.

Expert technical papers and presentations are being sought in the following areas:

  • Reliability
  • Test methods
  • Connectors
  • Design
  • Innovations in materials
  • Mass production
  • Washability
  • Market-specific e-textiles technologies (automotive, military, consumer wearables, etc.)

An approximate 300-word technical conference abstract summarising original and previously unpublished work covering case histories, research and discoveries must be submitted. The submission should describe significant results from experiments and case studies, emphasize new techniques, discuss trends of interest and contain appropriate technical test results.

In addition, course proposals are solicited from individuals interested in presenting half-day (three-hour) professional development courses on e-textiles design, manufacturing processes and materials.

Technical conference paper abstracts and course proposals are due by 10 April 2019.

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8.Non Woven Techn Asia, 6.–8.6.2019, Pragati Maidan, Delhi (IND)

8. Non Woven Techn Asia,
Exhibition and Conference
06.–08.06.2019, Pragati Maidan, Delhi (IND)

Non Woven Tech Asia is a premium exhibition & networking opportunity for the nonwoven trade stakeholders from India and across the globe. It is a common platform for nonwoven industry players be it – nonwoven fabrics manufacturers, traders, distributors, machinery suppliers, nonwoven converters, raw material suppliers of nonwoven industry, top buyers of nonwoven industry, research institutes, renowned associations, government bodies to provide more innovative solutions, identify new business opportunities and create an environment congenial for growth.

What ist non woven?
Non woven fabrics are sheet or web structures bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments mechanically, thermally or chemically.They are flat or tufted porous sheets that are made directly from separate fibres, molten plastic or plastic film.


  1. Maximum numbers of focused Business Visitors from the Industry
  2. Targeting more than 250+ Indian & Global Companies
  3. Theme Pavilion
  4. Exhibition Center has 10,000 squaremeter area to exhibit and showcase new technology
  5. Intellectual Conference will be held along with exhibition
  6. Ideal platform for B2B, B2C and exim related inquiries
  7. Concrete strategy to attract everyone who has a stake in woven industry

Nonwoven Tech Asia  is a premium exhibition & networking opportunity for the nonwoven trade stakeholders from India and across the globe. Organised by a team of professionals with a proven track record of successfully hosting world class events.

Objectives of Non Woven Tech Asia:

  • To Make India a manufacturing hub in the area of Nonwoven under the “Make in India” initiative of Government of India
  • Project the latest technological developments in Nonwoven
  • Supply of plant, machinery and equipment in Nonwoven
  • To achieve self-reliance in technology based products
  • Help the Industry in their Exports promotion
  • Innovation & Research promotion of Global standards
  • Quality standards
  • Skill upgrade activity
  • Technology adaptation and upgradation
  • Collective efforts through cluster based development
  • Special selection for digital payment system promotion
  • Showcase the latest products, machinery, equipment& developments in the industry for generating business and test marketing
  • Encourage Joint venture partnership, project collaborations, transfer of technology, investments and R&D in the industry

Explore the floorplan here:

You can also download their brochure and the floorplan to find out more
(right side at the top of the article).




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7. WEAR Conference, 19–21.6.2019, Seattle (Washington, US)

7. WEAR Conference 2019
"Synergy of Functionality and Well-Being"
19.-21. Juni 2019, Seattle, Washington (US)

The WEAR Conference attracts the entire value chain in the wearables and smart fabrics space. From major sportswear companies to retail electronics giants, and consumer electronics companies to component and raw materials manufacturers, the WEAR Conference is the only place to  market your product or services from a variety of industries, including  textiles, technology, fashion, investment, and the military.

WEAR 2019 Conference Key Themes and Sessions 

As the longest-running smart fabrics conference- uniting the entire supply chain for cutting-edge commercial and technical presentations on wearables, smart textiles and material innovation, WEAR 2019 will focus this year's program around the following sessions: 

Market Dynamics & Industry Innovations: In this opening session of our conference, leading industry experts share insights on smart fabrics and wearable device market trends and growth outlook, funding gaps, and overcoming barriers for entry into the marketplace. Learn how stakeholders in the industries most innovative technology offerings have overcome common challenges and demands.

Wearable and Smart Fabric Standardization: Join us in this session for a collaborative discussion on current standards, an overview of new developments and how we can make strides for continued progression to close the gaps and develop a solid foundation.

Intellectual Property and Data Collection: With more devices and gadgets being developed to collect data and monitor our well being from our personal electronics, many questions have arisen about who defines what we can collect and what is off limits. Who owns the data collected? Do you know best practices how to protect and keep your intellectual property safe? What is your current awareness of ethics in technology? All of this and more will be discussed as we continue to explore advanced communications in technology.

EcoSensibility & Environmental Impact: Discover how to get great ideas off the ground by creating sustainable initiatives in the fashion and technology industries which can be implemented for cost-effective practices that yield real environmental benefits. We’ll explore Use and Reuse vs Waste and setting benchmarks for ethics in technology, and how does the waste stream and regulations play into shaping environmental regulations and industry best practices? What is the impact of hybrid fabrics? 

Wearable Healthcare Vs Wellness: One of the largest and fastest growing sectors in smart fabrics and wearable devices is in the medical and wellness industry applications. Advances in technology have impacted everything from self-monitoring heart devices, 3D printing of personalized devices to more universal designs for wellness products to help alleviate anxiety, stress, and insomnia.  

Plus, 2 tracks focusing on:   

Textile Technology Track | E-Textiles Intelligent Ecosystem: Delve into the multidimensional facets of functional smart fabric design, innovation, development, applications, and care.

Lifestyle Technology Track | Sensors, Power & IoT:  Innovative technology is becoming more powerful and smaller. Simultaneously, how are we provide sufficient safe energy and sensors for these devices is at the forefront of design schematics.


Amy Szymanski (Agenda, Conference &  Speaker Questions)



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World Textile Forum, 9-10.9.2019, Zürich (CH)

For an Inclusive Textile Value Chain
9th/10th September 2019 in Zurich

This year's theme: Digitally Sustainable  – How digitalisation & sustainability will impact production and sourcing of textiles & garments. The World Textile Forum (an event in cooperation with the Sustainable Textile School – STS) is the place where leading textile & retail players will discuss how to transform their businesses in order to adapt to the challenges of sustainability and new/digital technologies. 

We bring leading managers of the industry together to lead this transformation.
Make sure you are part of it and save the date!

For more information take a look at the attached PDF.


Swiss Textiles
Nina Bachmann | | +41 44 289 79 79

Gherzi Textil Organisation
Maria Miceli | | +41 44 219 60 00

Schweizerische Textilfachschule STF
Gina Oesch | | +41 44 360 41 51

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Artikel: Smart Textiles | Licht, Wärme, Daten aus der Faser; Forschungskuratorium Textil

Artikel: Smart Textiles | Licht, Wärme, Daten aus der Faser

Wir freuen uns Ihnen wieder einen spannenden Artikel des Forschungskuratoriums Textil präsentieren zu dürfen.

Wir wünschen viel Vergnügen beim Lesen:

Den Artikel können Sie gerne auch oben rechts herunterladen.

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